Certified Corporate FP&A Professional

What Is FP&A?

FP&A professionals are specially equipped to mitigate uncertainty and see beyond the numbers; they strive to make the numbers work to determine holistic strategic planning, budgeting, and forecasting that ties into the goals of the business.


FP&A Pros Have a Pulse on the Future

As the finance sector evolves, so does the work of financial professionals. The FP&A field is situated between fortifying the traditional pillars of finance and adopting innovative techniques and methods that address the growth in digitalization and globalization.


FP&A Pros Are Dynamic & Adaptable

The nature of FP&A is to provide forecasts about the future, which requires agile business principles as the core framework. It is just as much an art as a science. The FP&A mindset is unique and prepares FP&A pros to produce dynamic and adaptable solutions.

FPAC Exam Structure

Part I
Financial Accument

Understanding and Managing Financial Information and Business Relationships (140 Questions)

  • Domain A: Concepts of Business and Finance
  • Domain B: Systems and Technology – 17-23%
  • Domain C: Business Partnering – 22-28%

Part II - Financial Analysis and Business Support

Building and Interpreting Financial Projections
(55 Questions)

  • Domain A: Analysis and Projections – 37-43%
  • Domain B: Models and Analytics – 42-48%
  • Domain C: Business Communication – 12-18%

The Role of an FP&A Professional

A newly certified FPAC professional provides insights to the financial decision making process in an organization through analysis, financial projections (planning, budgeting and forecasting) and reporting.  They may work as a member of a team of financial analysts but they are also able to work independently.

Why the Certified Corporate FPAC?

  • Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex finance environment

  • Have passed a rigorous examination and met education and experience requirements

  • Agree to abide by a professional code of ethical conduct

  • Be committed to keeping knowledge current by meeting continuing education requirements

FPAC Exam Format

  • Test Development

AFP facilitates the development of the FP&A exam following generally accepted best practices for credentialing agencies and The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. AFP employs professional testing experts to assist in all aspects of the exam development process to ensure psychometric soundness and legal defensibility of the program. The success of the FPAC credential is a function of active practitioner involvement. Practicing FPAC holderss are involved at every stage of the process.

  • Job Analysis

The job analysis process provides a systematic procedure of identifying and validating the performance domains of the financial planning and analysis professional and the knowledge and skills that are necessary to execute job responsibilities. Subject matter expert practitioners develop a list of job tasks and responsibilities, from which a survey is developed. The information derived from the analysis provides the basis from which the examination specifications are developed. More than 600 survey respondents validate the job tasks and responsibilities and rank the importance of each.

  • Test Specifications

Using the job analysis results, a committee of volunteers with extensive FP&A field experience, develop the specifications (number of exam question items per knowledge domain) for the FPAC examination.

FPAC Benefits

  • Competency Validation

Exhibit your understanding of the core competencies of FP&A, especially those that are not necessarily covered by a traditional degree, such as an MBA. 

  • Standards Of Ethical Conduct

FPAC credential holders have an obligation to their employers, co-workers, customers, shareholders, the profession and themselves to maintain the highest standards of conduct and to encourage their peers to do likewise.

  • Demonstrate Your Passion For FP&A

Earning and maintaining the FPAC credential confirms your commitment to your profession and identifies you as someone ready to drive FP&A and the organization forward.

  • Build A Global Professional Network

FPAC credential holders work in 65+ countries and can connect through AFP.

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