Our Consulting Practice

Tranvorma assist customers in improving their existing models or developing new, more powerful financial models by utilizing a team of specialists with substantial modeling and consulting experience

The most important instruments for making financial decisions are financial models, yet many of them don't operate at their best.

When a model is poorly created or when several people contribute to it over time and stamp it with their own "stamp," it happens all too frequently that the model becomes too complicated.

We assist companies in strengthening their internal models, enabling them to take better choices faster.

Consulting Approach

  • Needs Identification

  • Due Diligence

  • Model Design

  • Model Development

  • Model Testing

  • Documentation & Training

  • Model Delivery

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support


  • Transferable

Simple and rapid model migration for new employess without a lot of risk or training.

  • Full Automation

Capability to assess and handle many scenarios without the use of any hidden computations or algorithms.

  • Simple Interface

Modular design allows for simple additions and changes.

  • Modular Design

Allows for simple additions and changes

  • Fosters Skill Development

Model users may practice financial modeling and Excel abilities.

  • Dynamic Dashboard Summaries

Report creation is simple and always readable.