The FMI is the first globally-recognized financial modeling accreditation program. The FMI delivers and administers certifications in financial modeling and seeks to represent the interest of the global financial modeling community. FMI collaborates with global experts and thought leaders in the field who are committed to promoting best practices, reducing risk, and improving standardization in the financial modeling profession. The FMI celebrates financial modelers across the world and its certification exams improve global skills in financial modeling.

Financial Modeling Certifications ​

The FMI’s financial modeling certifications are internationally recognized credentials for advanced Microsoft Excel, financial analysis and financial modeling skills.

FMI provide three financial modeling certifications: AFM,CFM and MFM
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Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM)

The Advanced Financial Modeler (AFM) is the first of three certification levels offered by the FMI. The AFM exam tests a candidate’s technical modeling ability through building an integrated three statement model over the course of four hours. Participants who pass the exam will achieve the Advanced Financial Modeler credential.

Why earn the certification?

Course Contents

Financial Model Design

The Revenue Schedule

Cost Schedule

Financial Statements


Income Tax

Working Capital

Debt and Equity

Outputs and Troubleshooting


Case Study – You’ll be provided with a case study to explore before getting to work inside Excel, building an integrated 3 -statement model of a company from scratch. 

Duration: You will need to complete this model during a 4 -hour virtual exam. Successful candidates elegantly structure, efficiently build, and clearly communicate. 

Grader: Exams are graded manually by members of the FMI Grading Team. Each exam is anonymized prior to grading. The exams are subjected to a three step process involving multiple graders.

The FMI administers virtual exams several times per year. You can register and write from anywhere in the world. In order to assess true financial modeling ability, FMI adheres to the strictest code of integrity. All exams are:

  • Proctored: Candidates are supervised during exams. 
  • Closed-book: Candidates are not permitted access to external resources during the exam.
  • Excel-based: All exams assess applied ability; there is no multiple-choice in an FMI exam.


AFM Testing Window Exam Date Last Date to Register
October 2022
October 22, 2022
October 8, 2022
February 2023
February. 11, 2023
April 2023
April 29, 2023
July 2023
July 29, 2023

Who Should Attend?

AFM program is open to anyone who has an interest in or currently works in business analysis, business planning, and financial modeling. From entry levels to seasoned industry professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)