Even with her sister’s overeager meddling, Maud sooner or later decides to settle in Ponyville, getting into a treasure cavern nearby the village

Even with her sister’s overeager meddling, Maud sooner or later decides to settle in Ponyville, getting into a treasure cavern nearby the village

From the occurrence New Gift of your own Maud Pie, Maud fits Pinkie Pie during the Manehattan to celebrate the annual “Cake Sisters’ Amaze Swap Go out”, where they spend the date sightseeing together with her and change gifts within sundown. Throughout this lady stay static in Manehattan, Maud mainly conveys need for rock-associated some thing, and she briefly shows a talent having ice-skating.

Inside current change, Maud provides Pinkie an excellent cardboard container off cupcake-scented confetti, and she receives yet another stone pocket to bring the woman animals Boulder inside the. not, when she finds out you to definitely Pinkie received the new wallet in return for the girl precious party canon, Maud yields the brand new wallet to obtain the cannon back. She along with tells Pinkie one regardless of the she receives to have Pie Sisters’ Amaze Swap Go out, she will treasure it long as it is given out from like.

12 months 7

For the Reliable Relationship, Maud earns the lady rocktorate in stone research, and also the name from “doctor”, and considers moving to Ponyville to help the girl knowledge. Since Pinkie suggests the girl just what Ponyville has to offer, Maud befriends Starlight Glimmer and bonds together with her more rocks and kite-flying.

A flashback on the episode shows that Maud inadvertently assisted Starlight on her behalf path to installing the woman town out-of cutie draw-quicker horses, directing this lady in direction of the latest cave in which she’d secure the cutie scratches out-of this lady supporters.

For the Uncommon Bond, during the Sunburst’s trip to Ponyville, Maud gets loved ones with your with their shared interest in geology. She afterwards assists him reconcile having Starlight Glimmer whenever she feels omitted while in the their Military Sites dating site head to.

Season seven

Throughout the Maud Few, Maud introduces Pinkie in order to the girl date Mudbriar. His actions and quirks severely get on Pinkie’s nervousness, to the stage where Pinkie struggles to rationalize how otherwise as to why Maud loves your. After benefiting from pointers of the woman almost every other siblings Limestone and you may Marble, Pinkie places with Mudbriar due to the fact he can make Maud happy, therefore the three enjoy Maud’s birthday celebration along with her.

Within the Phony They ‘Til You will be making It, Maud produces an effective cameo among the possible ponies Rarity requires to perform the woman Manehattan shop, Rarity For your requirements. Maud refuses, however, means Fluttershy, also to less the total amount, Boulder. Regarding the Breakup Falter, Maud appears hanging out with Mudbriar through the Minds and you may Hooves Time (the help of its dogs Boulder and you can Twiggy that have an identical date).

In a matter of Principals, Starlight Glimmer uses Maud are a temporary substitute teacher at the the school regarding Friendship. For the Yakity-Sax, Maud transports each one of Pinkie’s house back to new Pie nearest and dearest stone ranch as a result of Pinkie briefly moving to Yakyakistan. Whenever Pinkie’s family try to ask the woman what’s happening, she brings excessively-exact approaches to the issues.

Top Gift Ever before

In the escape special My Little Horse Finest Gift Previously, Maud looks honoring Hearth’s Home heating Eve together with her and you will Applejack’s family, and Mudbriar. When Pinkie asks the woman, Limestone and Marble to help her like the greatest present to possess Twilight, Maud means offering their a stone, even with Pinkie doubt you to definitely Twilight carry out really would like a rock.

Year nine

In Sparkle’s Seven, Maud looks briefly while the a good “specialist” to greatly help having Twilight’s heist, enabling Applejack to break a stone of the trying to find their weakest place.

For the Pupil The advice, Maud and you may Mudbriar toss a part for their family relations to help you celebrate the Springtime Solstice. Within the class, Terramar appears, asking for let interested in their cousin Silverstream. During the research, the team come upon a flock of Cockatrices, causing Mudbriar being looked to brick (which makes your more attractive inside Maud’s sight). Immediately after Silverstream can be found, with domesticated an effective Cockatrice she titled “Edith”, Maud reluctantly requests for Mudbriar to get recovered to normalcy.

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